Jing Fang Classics ENG

Family Formulae & Fang Zheng ~ join the study of Dr. Huang Huang’s Constitutional Jing Fang 經方 Method.

Master the Classic Formulas of the Shāng Hán Zá Bìng Lùn (傷寒 雜 病 論) and perfect the art of prescribing from the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

Jing Fang 經 方 means classical formulas and relates to the medicine of imperial China from around the time of the Han dynasty. Jing Fang is the name given to a set of herbal prescriptions that were composed, mostly from pivotal works like Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (神農 本草 經) and Shang Han Za Bing Lun (傷寒 雜 病 論). The theoretical and clinical concepts of Jing Fang are the oldest and most authoritative formulations of Chinese medicine.

For acupuncturists, studying Jing Fang classical formulas is a great starting point in learning Chinese herbal medicine. Jing Fang typically contains a core group of herbs and formulas that are precisely defined and limited in content, making your study less overwhelming, more systematically manageable, yet highly effective in practice.

For current herbalists, this is a wonderful opportunity to engage with the Classical approach. The theory and clinical skills can be immediately applied into one’s practice. The herbal formulas are tailored specifically to the individual’s condition and constantly adapted to the patient’s progress. Jing Fang teaches the architecture of the formula as well as the mastery of modifications and combinations of herbal prescriptions in a formalised and tangible way.

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